What's Eclectisch.com all about?


I started “Eclectisch.com” in 2014 as a company because of my love and passion for beautiful design furniture. I would like to create with “Eclectisch.com” a medium where you can find the different styles and see the best of various sources of 20th Century and 21th Century furniture and designers. This way, you will have easy access to these designer items and you will be able to create a new and fresh timeless design for yourself at home or at your office.

Online sales

Of course I love to create a lovely showroom with beautiful settings with opening hours. Maybe in future.

But in these crazy times. It isn’t the ideal situation. I have chosen purely for Online Business. Online is more accessible for everyone anywhere at any time.

Eclectisch.com and Catawiki Auctions.

We are working together to reach a bigger audience and design lovers. See our homepage what we have to offer on Catawiki now!

Transport and packing

We have several partnerships since 2014 experience with specialist furniture transporters within destinations in Europe. Of course also Worldwide.

Packing will be done accordingly. Transport is always a challenge. But we haven’t turned anyone down. And managed do get the job done.

If you have questions about transport and Prices don’t hesitate to ask.

Quality design

We are focused finding quality design items where ever we go. 

When necessary we will also restore design items we find.

Condition is for us and for you as a client most important.

Some items are as new but also have a used Patina.

Circular Economy

Not really conscious of the fact but we are working with our used vintage furniture in a circular economy. Buying vintage or used Design items is helping the world a little. And also giving the special items a new long life. 


We are open for you to offer us used design furniture.

Just contact us with price and pictures.

Our Passions are